Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection (CESI) Series

A CESI is a cervical episdural steroid injection. Usually an interlaminar approach is performed, due to less risk when injecting the cervical spine. This injection uses a long lasting steroid and saline. The steroid reduces the inflammation/irritation of the nerves that are causing pain in the neck and down the arms. The medications also spread to other levels and portions of the spine, further reducing inflammation and irritation.

Our physicians use fluoroscopic guidance (a specialized X-ray) to position the needle in the epidural space. The placement is confirmed using a dye. This ensures that the medications will be in the proper location to relieve pain. Once the needle position is verified, the medication is injected. You may feel some temporary numbness, tingling, or pain when the medication is injected, due to the inflamed nerves. The needle is removed, the skin will be cleaned and an adhesive bandage placed over the injection site.