Orthopedic Conditions of the Foot & Ankle

Arthritis of ankle . X-ray of foot . Lateral view . Invert color style .The foot and ankle is made up of a complex system of bones, ligaments, and tendons, all of which can cause issues and pain.  The anatomy of the foot and ankle is extremely unique and requires expert care.  

Within the feet lay bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.  When discussing the anatomy of the foot, physicians divide the foot into three main parts; the forefoot, the midfoot, and the hindfoot. The muscles of the foot work to move the foot and the toes of the foot. The foot can invert and evert. The toes can flex, extend, abduct (move away from the body) and adduct (move back toward the body).

The feet must support all the weight of the human body. Since the feet must support the weight in addition to having flexibility in order to walk, the feet find themselves susceptible to injuries. Injuries to the feet may occur due to traumatic injury like falling, dropping things onto the feet, or sporting events. Injuries to the feet may also occur due to age and wear and tear.

Sports injuries are the most common form of Foot and Ankle Pain.  From ankle fractures to Achilles Heel tears, from plantar fasciitis to bunions and everything in between, AOA Orthopedic Specialists has a complete team of physicians available to help treat your foot and ankle issues, as well as a comprehensive list of procedures we can employ to get you back to a more comfortable and stable version of yourself.

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