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Referring Provider Resources

We are committed to ensuring a path of least resistance approach to transitioning your patients into our specialists’ care.


Our field team commits themselves to offering direct access to our resources for our community partners in care. Whether you need priority scheduling/stat work-ins, physician access, appointment notes, or need help navigating a delicate or rare situation, we are here to solve any problem that may arise.

Joe Lucas, Cell: 214-455-4074, joseph.lucas@arlingtonortho.com

Jeff Stone, Cell: 817-913-5165, jeff.stone@arlingtonortho.com

Elyse Mueller, Cell: 925-588-1262, elyse.mueller@arlingtonortho.com


Referral documents

Physician Roster (PDF)– A list of our physicians, their NPI numbers, the locations they serve, the ages they see, and the body parts they will work on in a clinic setting.

Fax cover sheet (PDF)

Insurances currently accepted – coming soon!



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