Spine Conditions

The Texas Comprehensive Spine Center was founded in 2004 as a center of excellence within the AOA Orthopedic Specialists to meet the spine care needs of patients residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The goal of the center was combine services for the ease and convenience of the spine patient, while simultaneously providing the most advanced spine care with interdisciplinary cooperation between surgeons, physical therapists, pain management physicians, hospitals and imaging centers. The Texas Comprehensive Spine Center has achieved its goal and continues to deliver the most advanced evidence- based care for patients with spinal afflictions.

Reasons for Back Pain

Many different structures in the spine may cause back pain, including when:

The large nerve roots that go to the legs and arms are irritated
The smaller nerves that stimulate the spine are irritated
The large paired back muscles are strained
The bones, ligaments or joints themselves are injured
The disc space itself is a source of pain