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Conditions of the Shoulder can be caused by truamatic injury, repetative injury, sports injury, genetic conditions, and arthritic degeneration.

AOA Orthopedic Specialists has a variety of physicians on staff who have specialized expertise in all areas of orthopedic medicine including general orthopedics, foot and anklesports medicinehand surgery, joint replacement and spine care. Our doctors have been educated and trained in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Many of them have contributed research and articles to major medical journals, and have served as team physicians and assistants to a variety of professional and high school sports organizations.  Here at AOA Orthopedic Specialists we believe in offering the most advanced, evidence based, medical treatments in orthopedics.  We offer many minimally invasive procedures for patients that fit the right criteria.  We can optimize knee replacements with the latest robot assisting technology.  We can even grow a patient’s own cartilage and replace damaged regions of cartilage with healthy bioidentical tissue.  It is exciting times in the world of orthopedics and at AOA Orthopedic Specialists we are leading the way.  At our Performance Institute we are taking athletes to the next level by offering cutting edge hybridization of training utilizing both technology and advanced athletic training.  Come see us today at one of our nine locations throughout the Dallas /Fort Worth metroplex: Dallas, Arlington, Irving, Midlothian, Waxahachie, and Mansfield.


If you have an injury that requires emergency treatment, please call 911 or proceed to the emergency room and request one of our doctors to be contacted. You may call our office number, 817-375-5200, 24 hours a day. After business hours and on weekends, our answering service will direct your call to the doctor on call.


Routine telephone calls and questions are answered by our receptionist or orthopedic nurse/assistant. Other calls will be directed to the appropriate individual and returned in a timely manner.  Scheduling is easy now that we offer keep our scheduling department open all day every day, including nights, weekends, and holidays.


Does shoulder pain always require surgery?

For shoulder pain, surgery is not always essential. Conservative treatments like rest, physical therapy, and medication effectively treat many cases. Surgery is usually only used in more severe cases or situations where other treatments have failed to relieve the symptoms.

Should I visit a doctor if I have shoulder pain?

Seek medical help from an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas if your shoulder pain is severe, lasts more than a few days, or is accompanied by swelling, a fever, or trouble moving your arm.

How can shoulder pain be avoided?

It is crucial to maintain proper posture, refrain from repetitive overhead movements, exercise frequently, and warm up before any physical activity to avoid developing shoulder pain.

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