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Access to Treatment


Consistency of Care

We have a dedicated team of orthopedic physicians and staff specially trained in workers’ compensation ready to help. A physician will see an injured employee within 24-48 hours after an injury, and provide same-day follow-ups so you know exactly what the status of the patient is as soon as we do.

Our Triumph program commitment is to provide workers’ compensation administrators with the right information to return employees back to work quickly and safely. Our support team includes trained teams to assist you and ensure the documentation you need is provided accurately and within 24 hours of each patient visit.

Our Triumph Employer Profiles® are customized with your specific preferences, requirements, documentation and third party information. The seamlessness of our partnership will position us as an extension of your team.

Our dedicated Workers’ Compensation coordinators can be reached at:

In all workers compensation cases, the patient must be “verified” with the insurance carrier prior to treatment being rendered. If you are seeking a “second opinion” with one of our doctors, or are switching from another doctor to one of the doctors in our group, you need to make this very clear in that workers compensation requires special forms to be filled out under these circumstances. Workers compensation patients will not be allowed to have more than two rescheduled or canceled appointments, without jeopardizing their off-work status. Please feel free to call to schedule a consultation or drop by our offices.

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