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Founded in 1996 under the name of Arlington Orthopedic Associates, AOA Orthopedic Specialists embarked one critical mission: to provide the best scientifically researched technology and care to the patients of Arlington, TX and the neighboring communities. Starting with 8 independent physicians, AOA Orthopedic Specialists changed the landscape of Sports Medicine, Spine, and Orthopedics; setting a new standard of excellence for the patients of the North Texas Orthopedic and Medical Community. Combining the expertise of  orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists, AOA Orthopedic Specialists made a global name for itself in the Orthopedic and Medical Community and developing into one of the largest comprehensive independently-owned Orthopedic Practices in North America. The orthopedic founding fathers came from a variety of backgrounds with years of unique experiences. One of the original physicians, Dr. Jay Pond, still practices at AOA Orthopedic Specialists in the Arlington Clinic today.

Fast forward almost 25 years later, AOA Orthopedic Specialists has expanded immensely, creating the largest privately-held Orthopedic Practice in North Texas. Expanding the AOA Orthopedic Specialists flagship location located in the heart of Arlington, TX, AOA Orthopedic Specialists now has 6 clinics spread throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, four physical therapy centers, and a state of the art surgical facility. AOA Orthopedic Specialists boasts 28 physicians trained in every Orthopedic Sub-Specialty. Many physicians at AOA Orthopedic Specialists participated in prestigious fellowship training and underwent board certification for their chosen specialties. Dr. Jason Lowry, Dr. James Burnett, and Dr. Jeffrey Carter even served our country before joining AOA Orthopedic Specialists. Having every Orthopedic Sub-Specialty allows for comradery between the physicians at AOA Orthopedic Specialists. With a variety of physicians with a variety of background and unique experiences, AOA Orthopedic Specialists can ensure that patients receive the absolute best care for their specific injury and unique anatomy.

AOA Orthopedic Specialists offers every Orthopedic Sub-Specialty, including Sports Medicine, SpineHand/WristFoot/AnkleJoint Repair & Replacement, Orthopedic Oncology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Imaging, and Physical Therapy. To take a virtual tour of the AOA Orthopedic Specialists Arlington location, watch the video at the top of this page. AOA Orthopedic Specialists other locations follow suit with large examination rooms, spacious hallways, and the most modern and cutting-edge technology.

In conjunction with the 6 clinics, AOA Orthopedic Specialists has 4 Physical Therapy Centers. Many of the physicians at AOA Orthopedic Specialists represent their local communities, providing sideline coverage to school and community athletic teams. A group of the physicians at AOA Orthopedic Specialists participate in mission trips, helping members of third world communities regain the quality of their lives. AOA Orthopedic Specialists continue to serve the same founding mission and provide Texans with the Best Orthopedic Options available.

Open M-F with live scheduling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, patients can always get in touch with AOA Orthopedic Specialists. We have your back!


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