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Swimmers shoulder

Swimmers shoulder gets the name from the fact that many swimmers aggravate the shoulder due to the constant and repetitive motions. One of the most mobile joints, the shoulder often finds itself victim of injury. A shoulder specialist may also call swimmers shoulder shoulder impingement. Repetitive motion involved in certain sports or careers can worsen the pain and lead to further injury.

Causes of swimmers shoulder

When swimming through the water, the shoulder joint drives the body through the water. During different swimming strokes, the shoulder goes through a full range of motion. A single area of the shoulder or even multiple areas of the shoulder may cause pain for an individual. Many different movements and activities can lead to swimmers shoulder. Those activities include:

  • Tightness
  • Over-Training
  • Underlying injury
  • Lack of stretching before training

If an individual experiences symptoms of swimmers shoulder, they should see an orthopedic specialist. Orthopedic Specialists must identify the appropriate source of pain in order to properly treat Swimmers Shoulder and avoid further injury. If Swimmers Shoulder goes left untreated, Swimmer Shoulder can lead to many serious injuries and ailments. These potential injuries include:

Symptoms of Swimmers Shoulder

Every patient may feel pain differently and depending on what movements have caused the swimmers shoulder, symptoms may vary. Common symptoms associated with Swimmers Shoulder include:labrum tear shoulder

  • Reduced strength
  • A shoulder joint that feels “loose”
  • Decreased range of motion in the affected shoulder

Treating Swimmers shoulder

If experiencing shoulder pain, individuals should seek out medical attention. Typically, orthopedic specialists perform a physical examination. Physicians may also use X-Ray for diagnostic testing to ensure another underlying issue isn’t to blame for the pain of the patient.

Physicians use conservative treatments to treat Swimmers Shoulder. Doctors first recommend rest, ice, and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medications to treat Swimmers Shoulder. Specialists may also prescribe a physical therapy regimen to strengthen the tissues surrounding and protecting the shoulder joint.  Physical therapists also teach the patient stretching routines to properly stretch and prepare the shoulder for sporting activities. Proper stretching can help an individual prevent injuries. If the Swimmers Shoulder has progressed to further injury, the patient may require surgery.

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