Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

A Bankart lesion is a specific type of shoulder injury that occurs when the labrum of the shoulder joint is torn. A bankart lesion is very common with shoulder dislocations, and often contributes to shoulder instability.

A Bankart lesion is very common when an individual sustains a shoulder dislocation. As the shoulder pops out of joint, it often tears the labrum. The tear is to the inferior glenohumeral ligament which is part of the labrum. When the inferior glenohumeral ligament is torn, this is called a Bankart lesion.


A feeling of the joint being instable

Dislocations occurring repeatedly

Catching sensations

Aching of the shoulder

A feeling that the shoulder may dislocate again

Surgical Procedure
This arthroscopic procedure is used to repair a detached labrum. The labrum is a thick band of cartilage attached to the glenoid bone. It lines the shoulder socket and helps keep the ball of the humerus in place. In this procedure, the surgeon will reattach the labrum to the glenoid.