Kyphosis (Curvature of the Spine)

What it is
Few things bother parents more than their child’s posture. This is particularly true for an exaggerated rounding to the back. Some degree of curvature to the spine is normal. The term “kyphosis” (kI-fO-sis) is usually applied to the curve that results in an exaggerated “round-back.” A variety of disorders may be responsible for this condition.

Usually, a visit to the doctor is brought on by a scoliosis screening at school, concern about the cosmetic deformity of a rounded back or pain combined with poor posture. The doctor may ask the child to bend forward so that he or she can see the slope of the spine. X-rays of the spine will show if there are any bony abnormalities. X-rays will also let the doctor measure the degree of the kyphotic curve. Any kyphotic curve that is more than 50 degrees is considered abnormal.