Cubital Tunnel Release / Ulnar Nerve Transposition

If your doctor diagnoses you with cubital tunnel syndrome and decides that the best treatment is surgery, there are multiple options. The problem at the elbow is pressure on the nerve and the goal of surgery is to relieve that pressure by taking away thick bands of tissue that are compressing the nerve. Sometimes the ulnar nerve at the elbow – the “funny bone” nerve- does not stay in the normal groove on the inside of the elbow after removing those thick bands. If this happens, the nerve will need to be moved to protect it or a small area of bone will need to be shaved down so that the nerve does not get irritated. Moving the nerve to protect it is called transposition. In transposing or moving the nerve, it can be moved just beneath the skin, inside your forearm muscles or underneath your forearm muscle. Your doctor will decide what option is best for you.