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Writing, typing, sketching, and all the other things you do with your hands are only some of the many things you do regularly. The sooner you get treatment for an accident or illness like arthritis, the easier it will be to use your hands. Injuries, diseases, and abnormalities of the hand and wrist are a specialty of the orthopedic surgeons at the AOA Orthopedic Specialists.

At AOA Orthopedic Specialists, our hand and wrist surgeons utilize a nonsurgical approach whenever practical and appropriate. You and your surgeon will work together to develop a surgical treatment and recovery plan specific to your condition, goals, and way of life to reduce your pain and restore your mobility and function.



If your hand or wrist is discomforting, numbness/tingling is due to arthritis or nerve damage; a surgical procedure may be an alternative for you. At AOA Orthopedic Specialists, we undertake a variety of treatments to address hand and wrist injuries and diseases, including:

  • An arthritic patient’s hands and wrists may benefit from joint surgery if the inflammation produced by arthritis or injury has left them with persistent discomfort and diminished or lost hand and wrist function. The joints of the hand and wrist may be replaced with plastic or metal components by hand and wrist surgeons. Consequently, patients report minor discomfort, mobility, and a more attractive look to their malformed joints.
  • Due to the terrible pain and swelling caused by nerve compression, nerve surgery may be necessary to alleviate this problem. Surgeons may accomplish surgical decompression of the compressed nerve.
  • Repairing a severe fracture or dislocation of the hand or wrist may require surgery. Surgically implanted wires, screws, and plates help keep broken bone fragments in place while recovering.
  • The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hands and fingers. There is a lot of pressure on the median nerve, which results in the symptoms. It is possible to perform carpal tunnel release surgery to free up more room for the median nerve and its accompanying tendons in the wrist.
  • The phrase “trigger finger” describes a condition in which the fingers get trapped while bent and generate a cracking sound or motion when straightened. When the ailment affects only the thumb, it is known as the “trigger thumb.” Inflamed tendons cause trigger finger and thumb. It may lead to a condition known as “finger or thumb paralysis.” Compression on the affected tendons may be relieved by surgeons.
  • The doctors will suggest an operation if the surrounding tissue around the tendon swells and becomes too tight. Fingers flex and draw inward due to scar tissue over time. As a result, the fingers may not be able to straighten completely, which might affect hand function. Surgical treatment involves the removal of scar tissue to restore adequate tendons movement.
  • Wrist fusion may be the best therapeutic choice in situations of severe deformity or damage. Removing the wrist joint and employing a metal plate to fuse it with the tiny wrist bones (carpal bones) requires eradicating the wrist joint. There is pain relief despite the restriction on wrist mobility.


Please get in touch with us immediately so we can help you reclaim your life and get back on your feet. We are here for you at any hour of the day or night, even on weekends and holidays. No matter what time of day or night it is, whether it is a weekend or a holiday, our schedulers are always accessible to help.

Our multiple Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex sites, including our corporate headquarters, accept appointments Monday through Friday. 


What Should I Do in Advance to Get Ready for the Procedure?

Patients are advised not to eat or drink anything from midnight. People with food or fluids in their stomachs are not a good candidate for general anesthesia since the food may rise through their esophagus during surgery and pose a severe risk.

On the day of surgery, you should expect to be requested to arrive at the facility at least two hours early. Consider leaving your valuables at home like rings, necklaces, and watches. Do not hesitate to ask your hand surgeon if you have any questions or concerns. Before a surgery, certain instructed patients are to stop taking or lower their dosages of blood thinners.

Is Hand Surgery Recovery a Painful Process?

The goal of hand surgeons is to make their patients as comfortable as possible throughout their therapy. You can expect to remain under general anesthesia for the operation due to the complexity of the process. Even if your surgery is less invasive, you may require a kind of anesthetic called regional anesthesia, which keeps you awake but numbs the surgical site, so you do not experience any discomfort during recovery.

Your doctor will prescribe powerful pain relievers for the first few days of your recovery, which you should use as the discomfort gradually lessens. Additionally, you will receive physical therapy, which will aid in recovering your hand and allow it to heal more rapidly.

What Happens After a Hand Surgery?

Since you cannot drive home after the procedure, you will need a friend or family member to help you get there. Remember that you will not be able to rely on a stranger to drive you back home.

Recovery after hand surgery requires physical therapy, which begins immediately following the operation. As a part of your treatment, your doctor will give you exercises to complete at home to rebuild strength, flexibility, and range of motion in your hands.

For a complete list of our orthopedic surgeons in Dallas / Fort Worth and North Texas who treat hand & wrist, click here.

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