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What is a hip fracture repair with surgical Screws?

This surgical procedure uses metal surgical screws to repair a fracture of the head of the femur. This procedure is typically used for patients who have minimal damage to the bone and minimal shifting from the fracture.  The types of screws and utilization of the screws is going to vary depending on the hip fracture type.

Types of Hip fractures

Hip fractureFractures of the hip are generally categorized into three types based on the location of the fracture.  The fracture can occur in the joint capsule, in the top of the femur, or just below the top of the femur.

Intracapsular Hip Fractures 

Intracapsular hip fractures occur in the femoral neck.  This area is called an intracapsular fracture because this portion of the femur is inside the joint capsule.

Intertrochanteric Hip fractures

Intertrochanteric means between the trochanter.  The anatomy of a femur includes the greater and lesser trochanter.  The Greater trochanter is a prominent ridge on top of the femur, and the lesser trochanter is a smaller ridge on the inside of the leg just below the femoral neck.  An Intertrochanteric fracture is located between the two trochanters.

Subtrochanteric Hip Fractures 

A subtrochanteric hip fracture is located below the lower trochanter in the femur.

Intracapsular hip fracture repaired with surgical screws

Surgical screws can be used to repair a intracapsular hip fractures in patients that are young and healthy enough to recover and heal properly.  Multiple small screws my be used, or in some cases one large compression screw.  For patients that are not candidates for intracapsular hip fracture repair a total hip replacement or a partial hip replacement would be considered.

Intertrochanteric hip fracture repaired with surgical screws

Intertrochanteric hip fractures are treated two ways.  On method uses a nail that is inserted in the top of the femur and run down the marrow.  Lag screws will be used horizontally inserting into the nail to hold it in place as the fracture heals.  The second method would be to insert a compression screw into the femoral heal, through the neck, and into the femur.  The compression screw would meet with a metal plate that will help hold the bone together as it heals.  Lag screws may be attached parallel to the compression screw for stability of the hardware.

Subtrochanteric hip fracture repaired with surgical screws

Subtrochanteric hip fractures are held in place with a large nail traveling along the marrow of the bone with lag screws and compression screws attached parallel to the nail for stability.

Hip fracture with surgical screws recovery

After having a surgical correction of a hip fracture with the use of surgical screws patients are looking at about three months for the fracture to heal with an additional 3 months to 9 months of recovery focusing on gaining back strength and flexibility of the joint.  Full functioning recovery is roughly six months to a year from the initial surgical correction of a hip fracture with most people getting some quality of life back between a month and four months from surgery.

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