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AOA Strives to Serve North Texas

We are proud to serve as the leading and largest orthopedic group in North Texas, and in order to uphold that quality standard, we aim to extend our services in sports medicine to every market we serve in. With the expansion of our two most recent locations in Southlake and in Fort Worth, we are keen to promote our providers in sport’s medicine. We’re enthusiastic supporters of community sports teams and work closely with schools and clubs to keep our local athletes in good shape. Most notably, we offer a sports injury clinic where no appointment is necessary to see a physician.

Our sport’s medicine team devotes every effort to fulfill your sport’s medicine needs, no matter the age of fitness level. AOA Orthopedic Specialists offers the latest evaluations and treatment options including imaging, physical therapy, athletic training, and if necessary surgical intervention. Many sports medicine conditions can be managed with simple treatment plans, medication, and physical therapy, however, some injuries may require surgery.

Our Southlake Location

Our newest location in Southlake serves as our Northern most clinic and aims to provide excellent orthopedic and sport’s medicine care to individuals in Southlake and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional staff will ensure you receive the upmost quality of care in a location convenient to you. When it comes to sport’s medicine care, AOA Orthopedic Specialists at Southlake will ensure each and every patient be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Our clinic in Southlake is conveniently located at 1001 W Southlake Blvd, just under 25 miles from three of our AOA clinics in Irving, Fort Worth, and Arlington. For any questions about our newest location or if you’re interested setting up an appointment to see a physician at this location, click here, or call (817) 375-5200.

Our Fort Worth Location

Fort Worth serves as one of the most recent cities AOA has had the pleasure of providing orthopedic care to. As we continue to learn and grow with the culture of Cowtown, we look forward to providing quality sport’s medicine to its residents.

Our clinic in Fort Worth is located in the medical district in the center of Fort Worth with commodious parking free of charge. For any questions or concerns about our Fort Worth clinic, or if you’re interested setting up an appointment to see a physician at this location, click here, or call (817) 375-5200.

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Andrew Freese currently resides at our clinic in Southlake and specializes in sport’s medicine. He treats patients of all ages and aims to support any and all athletic programs in North Texas as well as offers cutting-edge sports science approaches to complex sports injuries. Dr. Freese is a lifelong sports fan and multi-sport Athlete. He proudly served as a team physician for the University of Iowa’s football, basketball, and baseball athletic programs and will be working with University of Texas at Arlington as a Team Physician with AOA.

Dr. Thad Dean specializes in Joint Replacement, Complex Joint Revision and the very rare sub-specialization of Orthopedic Oncology, including tumors of the bones, joints, and muscles. In 2018, Dr. Dean was recognized by the American Cancer Society as the Distinguished Medical Provider of Tarrant County. He takes great pleasure in serving quality care to his patients, including sport’s medicine care. As a lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, Dr. Dean was no stranger to sports at a young age and had the typical Midwest fair, playing several sports almost immediately. Wrestling from the age of 4, he continued into high school, where he also picked up baseball and football.

Getting the Right Treatment for You

No matter what type of sport you are involved in, your foot and ankle will probably be taking most of the pressure. Injuries happen such as stress fractures, cartilage, ligaments and tendon tears.We treat all types of athletes and injuries. From professional to recreational, from sprains to tears, from surgery to rehabilitation, we will find the right treatment for you.

Leading an active life can be good for both your health and your well being. Orthopedic injuries can happen in a variety of ways, from a sudden injury to ongoing wear and tear on your body, and the result may be anything from a minor inconvenience to major surgery. No matter what’s slowing you down, our expert team of doctors, therapists and pain specialists have the advanced technology and techniques to help you quickly and safely embrace the activities you love once again.

To set up an appointment at our Southlake location or our Fort Worth location, call (817) 375-5200.

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