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Second Toe Overlaps Big Toe (Crossover Toe)

In some instances, the second toe on a foot begins to drift slowly over time and eventually overlaps with the big toe. This condition, also referred to as Crossover Toe, can occur at any age but is most likely seen in adults.

Bunions can be a major culprit for this condition and when left untreated can begin to misshape the toes and their alignment.

Pain is the most common side effect, commonly focused on the ball of the foot where the ligaments are stretched. Wearing shoes can also be difficult. Rest, ice, NSAIDs, special shoes, inserts, and orthotic braces can all be used to help alleviate the discomfort.

Crossover Toe Treatment

The best time to treat this issue is during the early stages when often, physical therapy can be prescribed. Without being treated, the condition can worsen until dislocation of the joint, causing high levels of discomfort and pain. Unfortunately, the best way to assess your situation is to seek out the advice of an expert foot and ankle specialist.

Foot and Ankle Doctors will often apply pressure to the joint, x-ray, and assess the general integrity of the existing joint. It is important to find a skilled and experienced specialist who treats foot and ankle exclusively.

Foot and Ankle Surgeons like Dr. Adam Crawford or Dr. Donald Stewart at AOA Orthopedic Specialists can help to assess your individual condition and put you on a treatment plan to regain your quality of life.

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