Hip Instability

What is hip instability?

Are you Experiencing Back or Hip Pain?Hip instability is usually a feeling of looseness in the hip causing a wobbling sensation due to loose connective tissue failing to hold the joint tightly.  Often the tendons of the hip have become loosened by over stretching.  Sometimes this instability can be from congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia.  Hip Dysplasia is a structural failure of the ball and socket joint to hold the ball portion of the joint correctly.  Hip Dysplasia can be either developmental or arthritic in nature.  Even a replaced hip may wear over time and become painfully unstable requiring surgical revision and reconstruction of the bone with allograft.


When to see a Specialist for Hip Instability

Getting to see a doctor or specialist can be a daunting task, but sometimes its unavoidable.  If you are experiencing hip or groin pain, a popping or clicking sensation or audible noise, having difficulty walking or even bearing weight then it is time to come see a hip specialist.

Treatment for Hip Instability

Conservative treatment for Hip Instability

If you are experiencing hip instability the first step in treatment is going to be first aid.  Rest, and NSAIDs are a good start to see if the symptoms can resolve on their own.  When you see a physician, they may have you rest the hip more, but add in physical therapy to specifically strengthen aspects of the hip supporting muscles to see if your symptoms become manageable.  If imaging confirms an actionable hip issue and conservative treatments fail to get your pain manageable then surgical intervention may be considered.

Surgical Intervention for Hip Instability

hip replacementThe majority of hip instability cases are due to loose ligaments in the hip joint.  Surgically we can enter the hip joint and tighten specific ligaments to better support the hip joint.  If the hip socket is the issue due to hip dysplasia, then reshaping the hip socket can be considered.  In the event that the hip joint is too far gone to repair, or other treatments have failed, replacing the total joint is a surgical solution that can stabilize the joint and eliminate the symptoms associated with it.

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