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If you have insurance coverage, we will prepare and submit a standardized insurance claim form to your insurance company for services rendered during a hospitalization or emergency room treatment.

However, RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT IS YOUR OBLIGATION REGARDLESS OF INSURANCE OR ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES (SUCH AS LITIGATION).You will be asked to sign the “benefits assignment portion” of the insurance claim form before the form is submitted. This authorization for the payment to be made directly to us must be signed or the bill paid in full prior to completion of the form. If overpayment occurs you will receive a refund.If you have any questions regarding a recent bill you received or insurance coverage, an experienced financial counselor is available to help.

Once your doctor writes an order for Physical Therapy, procedures vary depending on your insurance. If you have a PPO, the process is usually simple. With a couple of phone calls and timely scheduling, you are ready to begin.

If you have an HMO, the process is not so simple. Referrals have to be made, pre-certifications have to be sought, paper and credentials are sent to the facility listed by your HMO as a provider (unfortunately this is often not at the Arlington Orthopedic Associates facility) and then that provider needs to contact you regarding your appointment to start therapy. Arlington Orthopedic Associates has no control over other insurance providers. In some cases you will need to make phone calls to the Physical Therapy facility designated by your HMO in order to start therapy in a timely manner.

Workers Compensation

Please know that insurance plans may vary by physician. If your plan is not listed in our “Accepted Plans” please contact your insurance company to verify that we are providers. See above for a current list of insurance plans accepted at Arlington Orthopedic Associates.

Important information for Worker’s Compensation Patients:

  • You must be “verified” with the insurance carrier prior to treatment being provided.
  • We must know if you are seeking a “second opinion” with one of our physicians. Worker’s Compensation requires special forms to be filled out under these circumstances.
  • We must know if you are switching from another doctor to one of our Arlington Orthopedic Associates doctors. Worker’s Compensation requires special forms to be filled out under these circumstances.
  • Worker’s Compensation patients will not be allowed to have more than two rescheduled or canceled appointments without jeopardizing their off-work status.

If you would like to contact us directly, please feel free to call our office at 817.375.5200 or e-mail us at info@www.arlingtonortho.com

Accepted Workers’ Compensation Plans

All Non-Network Work Comp. plans Accepted

In-Network plans include:

  • Trinity occupational program
  • Alliance/ PSWCA network
  • Coventry / First Health

Managed Care


Most of our patients are covered under a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. First, be certain the doctor you are seeing is on your plan. Our staff will be able to tell you if our doctors are or are not on your plan. If you are changing to a different PPO, it is best to check with all of your current doctors before enrolling to be certain they are on the new plan.


Some of our patients are covered under a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). HMOs require patients to have a referral from their primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist. Our physicians are not allowed to see a patient without a referral. Please understand that this is a “rule” we were given when we signed up to be on the insurance plan, and is not something that anyone in our offices can do anything about. If there is going to be a delay in obtaining a referral, let our office staff know immediately. We will reschedule your appointment for a later date and save you the inconvenience of coming into our office, only to be informed that you cannot be seen because the referral has not been obtained.

If there is any part of this you do not understand, please talk to one of our office managers. They will be glad to assist you.

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