Fracture of the Collarbone (Broken Collarbone)

What it is
The collarbone (clavicle) is located between the ribcage (sternum) and the shoulder blade (scapula), and it connects the arm to the body.

Clavicle fractures are often caused by a direct blow to the shoulder. This can happen during a fall onto the shoulder or a car collision. A fall onto an outstretched arm can also cause a clavicle fracture. In babies, these fractures can occur during the passage through the birth canal.

Clavicle fractures can be very painful and may make it hard to move your arm. Additional symptoms include:

Sagging shoulder (down and forward)

Inability to lift the arm because of pain

A grinding sensation if an attempt is made to raise the arm

A deformity or “bump” over the break

Bruising, swelling, and/or tenderness over the collarbone