Local physicians with a world of experience

Arlington Orthopedic Associates has 19 physicians on staff who have specialized expertise in all areas of orthopedic medicine including general orthopedics, foot and ankle, sports medicine, hand surgery, joint replacement and spine care. Our doctors have been educated and trained in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Many of them have contributed research and articles to major medical journals, and have served as team physicians and assistants to a variety of professional and high school sports organizations. 

Our physicians are not only well-respected professionally, but they actively support and participate in a wide range of community programs, and enthusiastically share the knowledge they bring back from volunteer efforts all over the world.

Orthopedic Specialists

Cameron T. Atkinson, M.D.
Elbow, Hand/Wrist, Sports Medicine
Joseph M. Berman, M.D.
Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Anthony Brentlinger, M.D.
Elbow, Hand/Wrist, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
James Burnett, M.D.
Hand/Wrist, Hip, Joint Replacement, Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Jeffrey Carter, D.O.
Foot/Ankle, Hand/Wrist, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine
Adam Crawford, M.D.
Foot & Ankle, Hip, Sports Medicine
M. Todd Daniels, M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Spine, Sports Medicine
John A. Drkulec, M.D.
Knee, Shoulder, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement
Troy Foster, D.O.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Spine, Pain Management
David B. Graybill, D.O.
Anesthesiology, Pain Management
Robert J. (Jim) Hilliard, M.D.
Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Foot/Ankle, Hip, Sports Medicine, Hand/Wrist, Joint Replacement
Joseph H. Kay, Jr., M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Spine, Sports Medicine
Mark Kazewych, M.D.
Knee, Shoulder, Foot/Ankle, Elbow, Hand/Wrist, Spine, Sports Medicine, Hip
Jason K. Lowry, M.D.
Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Joint Replacement
Danny W. Nicholls, D.O.
Foot/Ankle, Shoulder, Hand/Wrist, Hip, Knee, Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine
James J. Pollifrone, D.O.
Ankle, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Hand/Wrist, Joint Replacement
Jay Pond, M.D.
Joint Replacement, Hip, Knee, Hand/Wrist, Shoulder, Elbow, Sports Medicine
Michael L. Ramsey, M.D.
Spine, Sports Medicine
Richard Mills Roberts, M.D.
Hip, Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder
Frank J. Rodriguez, Jr., M.D.
Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Foot/Ankle, Hand/Wrist, Elbow
Donald S. Stewart, M.D.
Foot/Ankle, Sports Medicine
John Gerard Westkaemper, M.D.
Hand & Wrist, Elbow, Joint Replacement
Eric Scott Wieser, M.D.
Spine, Sports Medicine
Mark W. Woolf, M.D.
Hip, Knee, Joint Replacement
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