Many patients come in describing what they believe to be tendon pain. Tendons are thick cords that attach the muscles in your body to the bones. When a tendon becomes inflamed, it can be quite painful and even debilitating. This tendon inflammation is called tendonitis.

Tendonitis typically feels like a dull ache around the affected area and pain
increases with movement or palpation. Tightness or visible swelling may
also be an indicator of tendonitis.

Any tendon can develop tendonitis; However, some tendons are more susceptible than others. The most common tendons to develop tendonitis are those in your shoulder, knee, elbow, heel, and wrist. Due to tendonitis being so common in these
areas of the body, tendonitis may also be called any of the following names:

· Swimmer’s shoulder

· Tennis elbow

· Golfer’s elbow

· Pitcher’s shoulder

· Jumper’s knee

The main cause of tendonitis is repetitive motion which is why many people
develop it while playing a sport or doing the same motions at work
daily. Your risk to develop tendonitis increases drastically if you are
making movements incorrectly. This makes it especially important to
always check with a physician or medically trained professional before
starting a new exercise regimen. For example, the AOA Performance
Institute located in Mansfield, TX is staffed by certified athletic
trainers who ensure patients are working out safely and correctly.

Some other common causes of tendonitis are:

· Injury

· Aging

· Certain diseases i.e diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis

· Certain antibiotics

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure
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