Haglund's DeformityWhat is Haglund’s Deformity?

Haglund’s deformity
, also known as Haglund’s heel, is a bony enlargement on the back section of the heel where the Achilles tendon is located. 

Haglund’s deformity is caused by frequent pressure on the backs of your heels. This pressure may come from often wearing shoes that fit too tightly or by supination, also know as walking on the outer side of your foot or heel.

You may be at a higher risk for having Haglund’s deformity if you have a high foot arch or if you have a tight Achilles tendon.

Symptoms of Haglund’s deformity

*The appearance of a bony bump on the back of your heel

*Severe pain located on the back of your heel

Haglund's DeformityHaglund’s deformity can also sometimes lead to Achilles bursitisA bursa is a small sack of fluid that goes between a tendon and a bone to help the tendon move smoothly over the bone.

Symptoms of Achilles bursitis FROM HAGLUND’S DEFORMITY


*Pain whilst leaning back on your heels
*Redness or swelling around the back of your heel
*Stiffness or pain in calf muscles during walking or exercise


Does Haglund’s deformity require surgery?

Foot Ankle Surgeon Irving, TXCertain cases of Haglund’s deformity do require surgery, however, with the proper treatment and care it can be treated non-surgically. Treatment is aimed at reducing the inflammation of the bursa, reducing the overall pain.

In the case where someone would require surgery, Haglund’s deformity surgery is a procedure called Resection of Haglunds Deformity. This is an outpatient procedure that removes the bony bump on the back of the calcaneus, or heel bone.

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